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A Full Guide to Different State Taxes

A Full Guide to Different State Taxes

State tax b/g

In 2007, just shy of $750 billion in state tax revenue was charged to a population of just over 300 million Americans throughout the United States of America, although these figures on state taxes also includes state taxes that were paid by businesses and visitors to the United States. The state taxes charged allows each state to provide a variety of services to the individuals and businesses inside the borders of the state.
Oklahoma tax commission

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is the agency that is responsible for the collection of taxes within the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Tax Commission has the additional burden of enforcing the internal revenue laws that have been passed by the Legislature in the State of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Tax Commission involves a three member panel which works closely with a Chief Executive Office who they appoint and the State Secretary of Finance.
Harris County Tax Office

The Harris County Tax Office in Harris County, Texas is responsible for 15 branches that are spread throughout the region around Houston, Texas. The Harris County tax office is deals with individuals who own cars, pay property taxes, and are registered to vote, which means that almost all of the residents of Harris County will have an encounter with the Harris County Tax Office at some point.
NJ Tax Records

For individuals who want access to tax records from the state of New Jersey, the ability to gain access to NJ tax records has been made easier due to the fact that many of the counties and cities in the state have moved the NJ tax records from their jurisdictions into online data bases. These data bases of NJ tax records can be searched through web portals operated by various organizations, such as the Tax Office of Monmouth County.
California state tax

There are four major categories of California state tax that an individual or business might encounter. Both businesses and individuals will have to deal with the California sales tax and the California use or excise tax. Business will have to pay the California state tax on payroll. Individual Californians will have to pay a California tax on income.
Wake County tax records

Wake County tax records in North Carolina are largely kept in an online data base. The transition to move the Wake County Tax records into a digital database has made it more readily possible for residents and businesses in the 14 municipalities and the surrounding service areas near the state capital, Raleigh, to search real estate listings and foreclosures, search for and pay their tax bills online, view revenue data, and browse business listings online.
New York state tax

In the state of New York, the revenue stream for the state is derived from 19 different NYS tax sources. The NY state tax programs is operated, administrated, and collected by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. The Acting Commissioner of the Department of Taxation and Finance under Governor David A. Patterson is Jamie Woodward. Commissioner Woodward is responsible for ensuring that NY state tax law is followed, and that the NYS tax revenue is collected as appropriate.