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Oklahoma Tax Commission

Oklahoma Tax Commission

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is the agency in the state of Oklahoma that is responsible for collecting state taxes throughout the state. The other burden of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, commonly abbreviated as the OTC, is to enforce the internal revenue laws of the State of Oklahoma.
The Commission is comprised of a three member panel which is appointed by the State Governor of Oklahoma, who must first obtain the approval of the Oklahoma Senate. In turn, the Oklahoma Tax Commission members appoint an Administrator who is authorized to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the Commission, and to oversee the general practices and day to day operation of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission was first created in 1931. As of 2010, the three members of the Commission hold the titles Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary. The work of the Oklahoma Tax Commission falls under the supervision of the Secretary of Finance.
There are three departments that operate under the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The first, the Customer Service Department, is responsible for providing assistance to taxpayers that is both accurate and helpful. The divisions of this department include the Taxpayer Assistance, Communications, Central Processing, and the Account Maintenance Divisions. 
The second department, the Revenue Administration Department bears responsibility for applying and enforcing revenue collection policies. Its divisions include the Tax Policy, Compliance, Motor Vehicle, and Ad Valorem Divisions. The Support Services Department, made up of the Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, and Management Services Divisions, provides support to the rest of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.