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Form 2012-PPB-8A Disabled American Veteran Property Tax Relief Application

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Within the state of Montana, individual taxes must be filed and paid for each taxable year. Due to the increasing prevalence of untimely and inconsistent payments, the state has compiled a "delinquent taxpayer list." Within this list include debts amassing upwards of $20,000 or more, though it does not compile delinquencies to local governments. 

It encompasses varying interests as well as additional penalties, leads to reporting of those whose debts amount to ten million or more, but does not comprise those individuals who have taken the initiative to seek out and become a part of "department-approved" payment plans. 

In general, Montana taxes have turned into a collection agency of sorts as it is estimated that millions are currently owed to the state due to delinquent taxes, the majority of which is owed by individuals. A portion does, however, attach to businesses in the form of "trust taxes," which these companies must report with the state in quite a regular manner.

Due to the rising concerns with the collection of Montana state income tax, the "Department of Revenue" is seeking out specified actions to lessen such a wave of delinquency. 

These include: focus being turned over to debts at the higher end of the financial spectrum, going forward with actual legal court actions against delinquent individuals or companies, the employment of "special investigators" to seek out any assets individuals may be concealing, bringing forth proposals for state legislature that may assist in more efficient collection, and making it more of a wider known phenomenon with emphasis on the serious consequences attached to such delinquency.

Despite the problems that accompany the collection of Montana state income tax, there also exist incentives, which actually operate for the benefit of the individuals filing. Examples of such Montana state income tax incentives include Adoption Credit, Alternative Energy Production Credit, and Alternative Fuel Conservation Credit to state a few from the list. Eligibility for Adoption Credit consists of those who have completed the adoption of a child, and enables the individual filing to incur a credit of $1,000 per child. 

In terms of the Alternative Energy Production Credit, you must be either an individual or a business of some type as well as must have put money in the amounts of $5,000 or more toward a "net metering system" within the state that would, then, create energy from an "alternative renewable energy source." From this action, you may expect to incur a percentage of 35% of related costs. This may last for up to 15 years if investments are made in wind energy as well.

Alternative Fuel Conservation Credit follows the eligibility requirements of that of the previous credit described in terms of specific parties, but also specifies that they must have been operating towards the conversion of a Montana licensed motor vehicle to run on alternative fuel. 

From this, they may garner 50% of the costs for both equipment and manual work done that reaches $500 and for a vehicle weighing only 10,000 pounds. The plateau for vehicles weighing upwards or more of 10,000 pounds would then be that of $1,000. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Montana lawyers.