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A Full Explanation of Customs

A Full Explanation of Customs

Customs are regulations and fines that are put on items on large and small scales in order to ensure the safety of a nation.
Customs Background

Customs are agencies that deal with the importation of goods into a nation, the arrival of individuals into a nation, and various other areas of legalities surrounding who and what is allowed legal access into a nation.  Paperwork needs to be processed under Customs regulations, in order to obtain legitimate entry.

Custom House

A custom house is a facility that was or currently is used as a location for the collection of custom duties under national law. This is where goods and individual items are inspected to see if they meet clearance regulations. This is also the facility in which prohibited items or seized items are held.

Custom Broker
A custom broker is an individual who works with companies and with various nations in order to get shipments of imports moved to their respective destinations. This professional takes care of the paperwork, fees, and various other elements required in order allowing for smooth entry and clearance of shipments into a nation.

U.S. Customs
U.S. Customs is an agency that regulates what goods and items are allowed into the United States. Customs officers inspect the shipments that are brought to customs, in order to decide whether or not they can be cleared for access. Items that require fees are stated, and the fees must be paid before the items can officially be moved.
Revenue and Customs
Revenue and Customs is the Customs and taxation agency of the United Kingdom. This is where all goods being shipped into the United Kingdom are evaluated. Duties or fees can incur depending on the types of items that are being brought in, and the size of the items. The purpose of this agency is to regulate trade and shipments in order to protect that nation.
Customs Officer
A customs officer is an individual who is trained and highly knowledgeable regarding Customs regulations for the nation they are serving. This is an individual who gets to look after issues of large shipments of imports into a nation, as well as smaller movements of items like individuals bringing back souvenirs from a trip. The purpose of the customs officer is to enforce customs regulations in order to provide security to the nation.

Canada Customs
Canada customs is an agency that governs over movement into and out of Canada. There are a number of different restrictions and regulations regarding what items are allowed into Canada and at what quantities. This is to preserve the domestic businesses of Canada, and to provide safety for the nation and the travelers.
Australian Customs

Australian customs is an agency of regulation that is used to monitor the items that are being moved into and out of the nation of Australia. There are a number of different items that have regulations or prohibitions on them. This is to help keep the nation safe.
Customs vs. Duty

Customs vs. Duty, a concept that is a misnomer; customs and duties are essentially the same thing. They are both charges that are placed on items entering and exiting the United States. This is to help keep an eye on what is being moved into the nation, for safety purposes.