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Internal Audit Overview

Internal Audit Overview

An internal audit job analyzes business practices to ensure that practices, processes, and procedures are being met to full capacity. Internal audit work strives to highlight any issues and offers suggestions to the head of management to better these issues. Internal audit work measures compliance with the businesses policies and procedures.
To perform the job effectively, an internal audit work must work independently from the business that they are working with. Internal audit work focuses on improving the control of the business that the auditor is working with. To do so, an internal auditor may look at the following: the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, and the compliance with laws.
Internal audit work also sees the management as the one who is responsible for all control over the business. Therefore should there be any notions or acts to be improved it would be the managements sole responsibility to take action.
Internal audit jobs work with risk management processes to set objectives as well as identify those that cannot be met and analyze why and how they can fix them. Internal audit work also is affected by corporate governance. 
When being audited, the auditor is automatically part of the corporate governance, meaning whatever the internal auditor suggests or recommends for the company to do, holds just as much importance and relevance as the founder or CEO of the company.