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A Short Guide to Car Tax

A Short Guide to Car Tax

Car Tax B/g
A car tax is one of the few taxes that are applied in most countries around the world, although the exact method a car tax is applied varies from country to country. Some charge a higher new car tax, while others do not distinguish a new car tax from and older car.
DVLA car tax

The DVLA car tax is also known as the Vehicle Excise Tax. The DVLA tax is collected by The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), which lends its name to the DVLA tax.
Tax disc

A tax disc is the method used in the United Kingdom to determine whether or not a tax disc holder has paid the most recent DVLA car tax in the United Kingdom. A tax disc holder is responsible for attaching a tax disc on the windscreen of each car they own.

Motor tax

The Republic of Ireland operates a website to allow individuals to pay their motor tax online. The ability to pay a motor tax online is provided by the Department of the Environment, Heritage, and Local Government.

Company car tax

The ability to pay company car tax online in the United Kingdom is provided by The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Company car leasing
In most countries, company car leasing can provide tax benefits, because there can be lease tax benefits. Most of the company care leasing leas tax benefits are more beneficial to small businesses than large corporations.