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Using Turbo Tax Software

Using Turbo Tax Software

Turbo Tax Background
Turbo Tax software is a tax preparation software company that creates annual software to aid in the preparing, filing, and submitting of taxes. Individuals can purchase Turbo Tax online by downloading the software directly to their computers or by purchasing the software on a disc to be put onto their computer. There are different software options available for purchase which can cater to different types of tax filing. Generally speaking, regulations and laws are updated annually; therefore, Turbo Tax offers updates online for Turbo Tax users to update their software regularly to ensure that taxes are filed properly.

Turbo Tax 2008
Turbo Tax 2008 is computer software that offers tax payers a more simplified way to prepare and file their taxes. Turbo Tax 2008 can come in different versions including the basic Turbo Tax version, the Turbo Tax Home and Business version, and the Turbo Tax Deluxe version. Turbo Tax 2008 updates can be downloaded online from the Turbo Tax website. Turbo Tax 2008 offers many features such as e-filing, a quick return rate in regards to the tax return check, and the option to file for up to five tax returns.

Turbo Tax 2009

Turbo Tax 2009 allows for tax payers, both individuals and small business owners, to file their taxes in a clear and timely manner. Turbo Tax 2009 checks for mistakes and errors that could leave an individual experiencing an audit as well as an e-file option for easy and prompt submission.  Turbo tax Freedom Edition allows for eligible individuals to file their taxes for free.  Qualifications for eligibility to use the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition are based on income amount and which state the interested tax payer resides in.
Turbo Tax Deluxe

Turbo Tax Deluxe is a specific type of computer software that helps individuals and small business owners to prepare and file their taxes.  Turbo Tax Deluxe features include: clear directions, easy navigation, a quick return check rate, customer service, e-filing, and the software checks for any mistakes that may result in an audit.  Turbo Tax Deluxe can also import certain forms, such as aW2 form, and investment information directly into the software.

Turbo Tax Free Edition

Many individuals may not want to spend the expensive fees that normally accompany tax preparation software. Turbo Tax Free Edition allows for customers to download the basic software off of the site and use a trial for free. The Turbo Tax Free Edition allows individuals to: fill out forms, e-file, fix previously filed taxes, check for any errors, and guarantee a speedy return rate for the tax return check. Turbo Tax Free Edition also offers the option to receive the return fee on a reloadable Visa debit card, check form, or directly deposited into ones bank account.